Return Policy

In order to clarify our return policy to all of our customers, the criteria that should be followed when returning products is explained below. Please keep in mind that we have 30 days to return products before a 15% restocking fee applies. This includes damaged and defective products. We ask for your cooperation in helping us meet this requirement by promptly returning products that do not meet your expectations.

All products must be returned in their original packaging, with all packaging in place. Damaged and defective products must also be returned with packaging…if it needs to be sealed, please use transparent tape or packing tape (masking or duct tape is not permitted.)

The following list defines merchandise which is non-returnable:


  • Products that are indicated by a RED NO RETURN ICON in our general line catalog. (For example: first aid and food items.)
  • Cartons with obvious abuse, marking or writing on package, water damage, burns, cuts, punctures – unless the product was received in this condition.
  • Product is soiled or worn due to use.
  • Product does not contain all parts, including, keys, brackets, manuals, and adapters. Products that have been assembled are not returnable.
  • Discontinued, outdated, perishable, and special or custom ordered merchandise is non-returnable. (For example: calendars from past years, food and first aid items indicated by a red dot in our catalog, custom stamps and signs, etc.)

Please make sure that units of measure are complete or notify us if otherwise.

If you are not satisfied with a product, or if it breaks after 30 days, please notify us so that we may assist you in replacing the item. Most warranties are covered by the manufacturer and must be arranged through them.

We are very willing to serve all of your office supply needs and will continue to try extra hard to provide you with quality products. If we do make a mistake, or if you have a problem with an item, please notify us before returning a product so that your account may be credited properly. Our drivers are not authorized to bring back items without proper approval and paperwork as a protection to our customers.