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Apply for Credit with Express Office

To apply for credit at Express Office Products, please mail or fax us the following information so that we may review your credit and set up your account accordingly. All items must be completed for your credit to be reviewed. Information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Name of Company or Individual
Mailing Address
Shipping Address
(Area Code) Phone Number
(Area Code) Fax Number
Email Address
Years at this address
Are you a corporation, partnership or individual?

Trade References
Please include 2 to 4 references with the following information:
Business Name
Complete Address
Account Number
(Area Code) Phone Number
(Area Code) Fax Number

Current Office Supplier
(Area Code) Phone Number

Current Bank
Bank Officer
(Area Code) Phone Number
Account Number

Name of Principles
Home Address
(Area Code) Phone Number

We certify that all the information we are submitting is correct.

We agree to pay in accordance with the credit terms of Express Office Products Corporation.

Please sign and date, print name and title.


Mail to:
Express Office Products
302 Arco Drive,
Toledo, OH 43607

Fax to: (419) 535-7317