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What are Big Rocks? They are your main priorities, from tasks and projects to large scale goals you hope to accomplish. However, Big Rocks can sometimes feel daunting. Here are the common issues that come up with Big Rocks and how to tackle them like a pro.

How Can You Balance Your Priorities?

It’s easy to think of everything on your to-do list as important, because they are! But being able to differentiate your typical daily goals versus your long term priorities is key for understanding how to tackle each task effectively.

Your daily goals are things you want to accomplish every day, but you should also dedicate a certain amount of time throughout the day to focus on your long term goals. By carving out an hour each day, you’ll be able to slowly work towards those Big Rocks without feeling overwhelmed.

What Exactly Are Top Priorities?

Everyone will have a different definition of their “Big Rocks”. Some people will consider Big Rocks professional goals while others will think of them as personal. However you want to approach it, your most important priorities are the things you’ve deemed vital and important. Do you have a dream you’ve always wanted to pursue? A big work deadline you’re focused on completing? Whatever it may be, consider your passion and dedication to your long-term goal when deciding its importance.

You’re Busy, But Are You Productive?

You may have a lot of things going on all at once, but how much of those are in line with your goals and priorities? If you feel like you keep getting busier and busier but less productive, then it’s time to consider switching things up. Ask yourself how you can design your day to support your goals rather than take you away from them.

Follow these tips to reach your Big Rocks and accomplish your goals.


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